Who Are You???

I heard a young woman say “Your no longer beautiful”. So I turned around because I know I’ve heard the voice of that chick before, but I instantly realized I was in an empty room crowded by my utter insecurities. 

I tried hard to run and hide from the fact that I’m no longer the woman that I previously knew. But my soul yanked back & forced me to face myself.

Mirror, Mirror… Yep that’s all I’ve got. I’m not feeling like the fairest, finest, or flyest. So my question to the image that’s I’m staring at that’s staring back at me is…..  where did I go?

Unable to become comfortable in my own skin because I’ve given others the ability to mold me into their perfect image of me. Not realizing I could never be anything other than the young lady that is currently missing.

I know that we love to say that self esteem comes from ones self, yet when we love we give up “self” to become “we” therefore the constant heartbreak I’ve suffered subtracted me from we & divided my self esteem until it no longer existed.

So at my lowest of low I have to fall in love with me… Perfectly complex, with all of my imperfections.


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