Your Type

You say you wanna man that’s gonna love you unconditionally until the day that forever ends, yet you constantly fall head over hills for the one that has M.O.B tatted on his forehead…

His street fame turns you on beyond your “O” zone and your in love with his attention snatching swag… So why are you so mad when your laying with him & the scent of another woman lingers on the bed spread.

But each time he tells you he’s not ever gonna nor does he wanna be your description of “Mr. Right” who’s the one that you call & comes right when you need him to hold you tight?

He’s just your BESTEST friend you’ve known since boys were yucky… Well expect him. He’s your comforter, your sounding board, your secret keeper til the end.

And he is the definition of an absolutely amazing Man. And you protect his heart more than your own. Constantly reminding everyone around you that you two are JUST FRIENDS!

He’s not the type for you. how could he be right to you? What he’s done for those that never deserved all the things he done he would never do for you! Hell he’s like a brother to you…

Every single time you allow one close to you to get the most of you… They end up erasing you, replacing you, who’s there to put you back together with his true love glue?

Yep him, that’s who! The one the you unconsciously described time after time as your Knight in Shining Armor, who will one days sweep you off your feet. Has been waiting patently for to recognize he is and always has been the man to fill that seat.

Heartbreak after Heartache, he is your souls medicine man… There to heal you… Yet you fail to see that he us exactly what you need him to be….

Your Type


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