I didn’t know I knew You

I heard my heart calling out for you as if the two of you had crossed paths a life time ago.

I fought with my soul attempting to restain it as it ran towards as if you had been gone for so long.

I felt my body yearning for the tender, desiring touch of you as though we endured some event of passion as one.

I enhaled your essence and immediately my eyes closed to search for just a glympse of your face.

I heard your voice and began to recall it like a song that reminded me of a memory that I know longer remembered.

I then withdrew myself from myself to seach for understanding, because it seem as though I have known you forever yet

I surely have never met you. I suddenly listened to a voice speaking ever so gently inquiring…. why do you not remember him? You were created from him… just for him. Instantly the sorrowning memories of those that were sent simply pratice…prepare me… excaped me.

Here he is, the one who I have longed for and adored since the moment I fell in love with being in love!


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