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What’s the difference

I am not a male basher by far. I also don’t agree with some of the things that women do. But there is a difference in Men and dudes just a there is a difference between women and chicks.

Dudes think that what their favorite rapper says is Gods word. Men take the words that God says about women to heart.

Chicks love a man that is in the spot light with their fame and fortune. Women know how to be all of the spot light, fame and fortune her man needs.

Dudes need a million groupies to validate their manhood. A man wants be validated by being able to keep one woman happy for a million years.

Chicks believe in the motto if you got it flaunt it and they rarely leave much to the imagination. Woman show off their hearts and souls instead of their booties.
Dudes allow their ego to dictate the way that they live. Men control their ego, they are not controlled by their ego.

Chicks have no problem stepping on the back of others to reach for the things they want. To a woman pulling others up when the world has passed them by is what they define as success.

Dudes make excuses for their mistakes and more than likely blame women for their wrong doing. Men own up to their past, stands up in their present and works towards their future.

Chicks play the victim blaming everyone for their issues, constantly pointing the finger, yet never focusing on the fingers pointing back at them. A woman doesn’t have time to play the blame game. She knows when she’s wrong… Apologizes, forgives, forgets and keeps it moving to build a better her.

A dude talks a good game and they talk so loud to assure that they heard by EVERYONE. A man does not have to prove his point especially at the top of his lungs. He asks God for forgiveness and moves on.

Chicks sit back and wait for someone to save them. Women get knocked down, get up, dust themselves off and goes right back to it.

Dudes flash their money and then get confused when all they attract is gold diggers. Men flash their emotions and their hearts which is the reason why they love so strong.

Chicks say they want to be loved but tend to have love confused with lust. Women gets their satisfaction from those “little things”.

Dudes spend a their time searching for a chick to sleep with. A man just wants to find that one woman to awake up to for forever.

Chicks don’t have a problem going through Mr. Wrong after Mr. Wrong as long as they’re getting something out of the deal. Women would rather be alone until Mr. Just Right For Me shows up and shows out.

I believe that there are some good… No great… No amazing men out here. And a lot of times they catch the heat for the raggedy dudes perpetrating to be real men. I also know for a fact there are women out here who try over and over again not to blame every man for what the last dude did to them. There are chicks out here playing the victim which make men think that all women want something from them. We real men and women need to focus and pay close attention to the things that define the difference.


Dear BrokenHearted Woman

Hey Ms. Lady I know what your going through now and what you’ve gone through previously. I remember feeling like I would never be complete… Having a billion emotions running through your veins, warp speed pass your heart just to tap dance on your mind.

But I gotta tell you this and it might even hurt your feelings. You may not even be cool with me after it and you know what that’s fine. I wouldn’t be a true friend if I didn’t tell you this. You need to check yourself. Do you know that you know that you know what you want in and from a man? Because to tell you the truth what I’ve heard you say what you want and what you always tend to get…. TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

Now if this happened once or twice ok, but every time your clearly not clear on what YOU say is right for you. Let us examine for a second what you think you want… I’ve heard you say time and time again looks are overrated, but you constantly gravitate to the ones that who probably spent more time than you did in the bathroom… Yet that “average” guy that has the potential to be an “amazing” lover made just for you doesn’t get a second look because not many others are focused on him.

You need to open up those beautiful eyes of yours and pay close attention to the fact that you may just like the drama that tends to constantly inflame your love life until it crashes and burns. You knew that  he ltwasn’t really the relationship type… Remember he even told you! But you thought that you had that something special that the other eleven-teen women before you, during you and after you didn’t have that could make him change his mind. And at that point REALITY CHECKED YOUR ASS!!!

So here you sit lonely and broken hearted again. Giving yourself that same ole  pep talk. “I’m done this time, never again. I’m keeping my heart to myself and I’m gonna work on loving me”. Your eyes are swollen from crying rivers over a man who never had to get over you because he on you to begin with. You stop eating and can’t sleep concerned with who he’s out with not thinking of you.

I remember the feeling sweet soul so please allow me to offer you this advice. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. That one that may not be what you consider “your type” may be your perfect definition of Mr. Right hidden from you until your heart is ready to except REAL LOVE… something you may have never experienced prior.

That’s When

When his heart’s strength gives him enough power to love you completely when your weak eyes can’t even see that your worth loving.

When opening his eyes to catch a glimpse of the moons light dance across your silhouette is what he considers as one of his life simple pleasures.

When millions are posturing and beckoning for his attention and yet the shine of your smile is the only spotlight he requires.

When all it takes your gentle touch lightly brushing up against him to cause his body to be overwhelmed with goosebumps.

When he looks into your eyes and at that moment you know that he absolutely loves you to his hearts fullest capacity and yet his soul says that you deserve that and so much more.

When he comes to you just to feel closer to Heaven and considers you as the place that his spirit dwells.

When he awakens to your slightest movement because he can only rest when you are near.

When maintaining your happiness is never seen a job, but more as a joy filled hobby or past time.

When he has known you since before Adam and Eve took a bite from of the forbidden fruit and has loved you since your conception.

When he hugs you just a moment longer so that your that the linger of your scent is a little stronger.

When he constantly assures you sometimes without uttering a word that there is and never will be competition when his heart is the prize.

When even when he has to leave and be away from you it takes all of his might to get up and go.

When this man loves you, how this man loves, where this man loves you, in the presence of who this man loves you… Just understand that his love for you and being in love with you is… REAL