Archive | March 2012

The TMM Epidemic

Ok ladies and gentlemen am I the only one noticing the hostile takeover of TMM??? If you don’t know what TMM stands for allow me to give you the definition…. Too Much Makeup!!! And this has got to stop and I mean stop now.

Here’s the thing if seems that some of these young ladies can’t tell the difference between the entertainment world and the real world. News flash…. YOUR NOT NICKI MINAJ, BEYONCÉ OR EVEN EVELYN from Basketball wives! They probably don’t even wear that type makeup on a day to day basis.

What ever happened to being who you are… You know yourself. Now I’m not saying that wearing makeup is a bad thing or erases you as a person, however when makeup takes you from looking like yourself to looking totally like someone else THEN Houston We Have A Problem!

If your makeup is looking less like makeup and more like your one of the newest members of Cirque Du Soleil… (Yes I said a circus clown) then it is a must that I say this…. make up can not cover up your inner unattractive features. So if your spending hours on end painting your face just to allow your ugly attitude to out shine your beauty then maybe you need to spend more time giving the inner you a make over. It doesn’t matter TO MOST if your all dolled up if your attitude stinks like garbage truck juice.

So by all means go ahead apply your make up or better than that learn to apply your makeup correctly. The concept is suppose to be that you look like you don’t have it on right? Wear it don’t let it wear you….