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Let Go and Let God

Five of the hardest words but so easily said. The biggest question of your faith… Let Go and Let God!

You want everything to go your way right away like Burger King, but it never happens that way. Then someone tells you Let go and Let God. Doesn’t that tick you off???? It’s like you are going through major Hell and someone thinks its just that simple right?

But the sad part about it is that it IS that simple! I am learning still today how to execute this. And I must say this is the hardest lesson in life that I’m learning. I don’t know about you but I don’t know how to let go. I’ve been doing things all on my own (or so I thought) my whole life and if things aren’t going right then I must take action. The issue here is not the fact that I must take action… It is the action or actions that I take. Instead of getting on my knees and seeking God I go out and seek results. That’s not letting go that’s just going!

But the true lesson to be learned is that God is a God that answers prayers. Not only does He answer them, He answers them INDEED… Do you understand what that is? Well please allow me to elaborate… When you seek His faith, His guidance, His understanding By giving it… Truly giving it over to Him, He will bless you beyond measures!


A kiss like this


Do you have proof that God answers prayers? Well if not please allow me to give you am example.

At the age of 12 I moved to a new neighborhood and became the “new kid on the block”. That summer I met my one true love. He was one of my neighbors and funny enough we did not like one another when we first met. All the guys would come stand outside of fence to talk to me. He would rise his bike up and down the street… He wouldn’t even call me my name he would say Hey Girl! Ughhhhh that drive me crazy. Then one night he and some guys were standing outside talking to my friends and I when the police pulled up and harassed the guys. My baby love stood toe to toe with the police and was taken to the police station. That night I refused to go to sleep until I knew that he was some safely.

He at a young age developed my sense of how a man should treat a woman. He adored me, he catered to me, he loved me more than anyone I ever knew. But as a young girl I didn’t know what I wanted so I let us go. And for over 10 years we lost contact.

I went through bad relationship after bad relationship because no one could measure up to the first love I’d ever known.

Then once God had pruned me, groomed me and prepared me for what I prayed for… A man that will love me as God loved the church, who could protect me, even from myself, who wouldn’t judge me but would build me up and support me in all things. And just then God said “do you remember Him?” And all that I could say was Thank you Jesus