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Sit like a lady

I know that this might ruffle some feathers but someone needs to say it. So many women are so busy preparing for the end that they never really start. And by that mean this…. All over social media there is a quote that goes a little something like “don’t ever let a man bring to the table all you have to eat.” Now I am not saying that we as women should not be educated, make money and or provide for our families, however I am saying you don’t have to throw it in a man’s face especially your man’s face. And yet in the same breath say you don’t understand why you can’t find man.

There are plenty of good men out there, however if they don’t feel like they can be a man because you are already all the man you will ever need then what’s the point? If a man opens your door, pulls out your chair, wants to hold your hand in public and kisses you on the forehead he’s corny. Yet if he tells you what’s understood doesn’t have to be explained, only wants to see you on Tuesdays between 11 and 2, stares at your friends like they’re full course meals and constantly calls you his home girl you’re ready to walk on hot coals…

Stop trying to control the situation and play your position. Stop preparing to be hurt and work on making it last. We as women work hard to be the top woman in every field except when it comes to man…. Unless you’re the number 2 chick then your pull out all the stops. STOP IT! Pay attention to all aspects of life and learn to build a man up not break him down.

So sure have an amazing career, be your own boss, be an amazing mother, be fierce! But be sure to be a lady it’s ok. Men…. Real men LOVE when a woman sits like a lady, his QUEEN and allow him to stand as a man.