He Can’t be Serious (Chapter 2)

Toni sat on top of the washer cradled like a frightened child. She had ninety-eleven emotions running through her body. Did this crazy ass chick just rush me? Damn I was wrong, right? She got me all the way messed up! I should have told her immediately… Is she serious, over a dude!?! And that dude nonetheless! She couldn’t focus on one thought. I should’ve busted in the room and jabbed them both in the face. What kind of friend am I really? Man what a way to spend the last few weeks of your college career. Well clearly our graduation party is cancelled, she thought sarcastically to herself. I am punching him right in the face the moment I see him! 

Unlike Austin, Toni was always ready to go. She was a super hot head with a mouth to match. She had no filter at all. If it was on her mind she was saying it no matter to whom it was being said. She was slightly shorter than Austin, definitely not as top heavy but surely more bottom heavy. She had those hips that older dudes referred to as child bearing and one of those booties that looked like she was a certified cornbread fed Georgia peach. She wore sneakers 85% of the time, a true blue tomboy, having to be forced to wear dresses or even skirts. She was the eldest of three girls who was in the Pork N Bean projects in Miami. Their momma was never at home, always out with their father, who was actually married to another woman, who knew all about their father’s “other” family. 

The sound of the door opening shocked her out of her thoughts. She looked up right into Carrie’s judging eyes. Damn Cee-Cee not right now okay! Toni knew that look. Carrie was the mother figure of the group and loyalty was her first priority. They were to have one another’s back no matter what, up to and including dealing with blood relatives. These three young women had been through a lot in the past couple of years and understood the sad but true fact that blood only made you related, it was love that made you family! And this was another clear indication of just that. 

You are dead dog ass wrong Tee, I mean you couldn’t be more wrong dude! The tears started flowing all over again. I already know that, damn, it’s my sister and well my sister I didn’t know what to do! Toni had been dying on the inside holding on to the scandalous secret. She had went out that night on a blind date that lasted all of fifteen minutes and decided to just come home and do some stock trading instead. She was a finance major, minoring in marketing. She was a stock market genius and at the age of 23 she had a nice portfolio which was paying for her college. You should have punched both of them in the face first of all! Toni shocked beyond belief because Carrie never results to violence. Whoa you are pissed at me too? Nope at all of y’all! DaVaughn is a hoe we all knew that from the start but damn he had us all fooled. He treats her like a princess, he protected us all, man he even goes to church with us. I’m totally at a lose right now. Man this is going to tear a hole in the only family I’ve known for the last two and a half years. 

Carrie’s mother died of breast cancer a few months after the girls met, she’s an only child who never knew her father. She was a beautiful girl and she did not even know it. Carrie was born in Paris. Her mother was spending a year in France studying fashion when she met a man a became pregnant with Carrie. She tried to make it in Paris on her own, because she knew her parents would be disappointed with her. However, by the time Carrie was four months her mom had called her parents and was on a flight back to the states. Carrie because of her haunting green eyes, believed without a doubt her dad was a white man, but couldn’t be sure. It surely wasn’t because her skin tone though, because she was a perfect tone of motherland dark chocolate, completely flawless! So her roommates and their family was her only family. Oh my God Cee-Cee I never even thought about that, Toni dropped her head. That’s the problem you never freaking think, your selfish! Did you really think that it was cool to keep this a secret? Carrie was steaming and it’s serious because she never got angry.

Austin was pacing the floor in her bedroom. She called DaVaughn’s cell 200 times in the last five minutes and he’s not answering. Oh his ass knows she told me, Austin stated out loud, talking only to herself. She probably warned him. Then a light bulb went off in her head and she started dialing. Hey Nori is DaVaughn with you? She called his cousin who is also his roommate. Nah, he just rushed out of the house like something was about to go down. What’s going on Aussie? Your boy is a dirt bag, that’s what! Oh boy, what he do now. This was not the first time that DaVaughn had been unfaithful, but after the last time everyone thought he had enough. Well clearly having your car shot at by one of your little your tramp’s boos was not enough to straighten him out. Nori, had always had a crush on Austin but DaVaughn of course was all over her the moment he saw her. Did you know about the thing with Shyra? Ummm, well, hmm, a little, he cringed with his admitting it. CLICK! 

Aussie, Aussie are you there? Damn, Nori climbed out of the bed and threw some jogging pants over his chiseled legs, a tank on his just right tight chest and back and a cap on his gown man shaven bald head. She is going to murder this dude he said out loud, his voice soft yet baritone echoing through the empty apartment.

Austin was sitting on the edge of the bed shaken, enraged, and confused at the same damn time! She first started to blame herself. I mean what did I think was going to happen, what man in his right mind is going to be faithful to a stripper! I should have did what I said I was going to do and put my heart in a box until after I was done with my bachelors degree. Austin has been dancing at one of the top clubs in Atlanta since her freshman year after going to hang out with some friends and to enter into an amateur night contest. She downed three shots vodka back to back and hopped on the stage. She loved dancing so why not, she thought. She made $458 that night. She was approached by the manager as she leaving the club and was offered a job. She made in 1 night what she makes in a week at her job at the boutique in Hatfield-Jackson International Airport. So of course she said yes! She went from working almost everyday to three to four nights a week. Austin grabbed her book bag stuffed some clothes in it and decided to go hang out at the club and then get a room. She threw on her ripped Arden B jeans, a plain white tee and some wedges, snatched up her purse and her book bag and headed out her room.

Carrie and Toni was sitting in the living room, softly debating the entire situation, as Austin sped through the room to the door attempting her hardest to be invisible. They both looked up at her as though they wanted to talk but the words were stuck in their throats. She looked over at them shook her head and yanked the door open. DaVaughn what in the HELL are you doing here!


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