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He Can’t Be Serious (Part 11)

Wow, actually slept through the night. Austin slowly rolled over and realized today was the day. Graduation was in two days, she had been talking to her bestie for the past three weeks and had not really had to deal with Vaughn. Yeah he called and left some messages, texted her a couple of times, and even popped up at her job, but all of that has finally calmed down because she wasn’t feeding into this time. All of his normal is not working with her, she was totally fed of with his mess and sleeping with Toni’s sisters and getting Shyra pregnant, had done the trick, yeah I’m so good, she thought to herself. 

Okay Aussie, Charles Ravel is just your friend, don’t go looking to jump right into some mess when you still got crap swirling in your life. Austin knew her true feeling but, hey these are childhood emotions and you two are grown Austin reached on her nightstand to grab her phone. Her home boy was flying in today and she was a blazing ball of emotions. She had a few missed calls from a private number, DaVaughn no doubt, and two text messages from Charles “my flight is landing at 12:25pm, how long will it take you to get to the airport” and two minutes later another text that read “never mind I’ll come find you šŸ˜˜”. Austin never thought to look at the time, she glanced up, OMG! Toni! Carrie! She called out for her sister mates and no one answered. It was almost one o’clock, what am I going to wear, my room is a mess, my hair is a mess, Lord I’m a whole entire complete mess. Toni, she scrabbled out of the bed, Carrie, grabbed her pj pants and slung her bedroom door open. Where the hell is everyone. She almost tumbled down the stairs. No one was there. What the!?!? She ran back up the stairs to grab her phone. She dialed Toni, Carrie never answers her phone. Whadup though? Toni giggled as she answered her phone. Where are you guys, he will be here any minute, why would you leave me here by myself? Aussie why are you yelling at me, I’m bout to bang on your behind, she giggled again. What’s so funny? You are freaking out like I’ve never seen before. I think you love him, I think you love him, oh girl you love him, Toni sang to her friend. Girl bye, Austin pushed the touch screen so hard she almost broke her nail. Such a freaking jerk, ugh. 

Just forget it, I’m getting in the shower. She grabbed her towel, face rag and rob, turned on some 90’s RnB and got into the steaming shower. Pretty brown, you know I see you, it’s a disguise the way treat meeee, keep holding on to your thoughts of rejectionssss…. I see that still your jam. She froze in mid song, her heart stopped, her eyes widened, she peeked out the shower curtain and there he stood. Ravel, she shrieked, how did you, where did you, boy get out. He chuckled and said your breakfast is waiting for you downstairs, so finish your song and let’s eat.

She waited until she heard the door snap shut and slide down the shower wall. He’s here, my Ravel is here. And my hair is getting wet, she jumped up and quickly exited the shower. She threw on a tank top and some yoga pants, brushed her hair into an Afro puff and went downstairs. So you guys are just letting random strangers come upstairs while I’m in the shower, she scowled at Toni and Carrie. Who Caesar? He ain’t no stranger, he’s been here for hours, we’ve gone grocery shopping, he cooked breakfast, I mean I think I love’em, Carrie giggled as she kissed Caesar on the cheek. Austin’s nostrils flared and everybody laughed as she tried to catch herself.

 He looked her up and down. My angel, my poetry in motion looking all grown he said as he glid across the floor. He was so smoothe and before she knew it she caught up in his arms and overwhelmed with his essence. Please don’t ever let me go, she begged him in her mind. He slowly loosened his embrace, kissed her nose and forehead and completely let her go. There was no way she could hide how much she was blushing. Eggs scrambled medium with spinach, bacon and coffee, that’s still your fav cooked breakfast, right? Those sexy lips slightly parted with a smile. 

Toni and Carrie are both mesmerized by him they forgot to lock the door and no one realized Vaughn and Nori was standing in the doorway. Who’s this corny dude, DaVaughn questioned. That’s not a question you want answered, Charles Ravel replied with no hesitation.  


He Can Be Serious (Part 10)

This has gone too far… Can I fix it? Of course I can I’m Vaughn. They all love me, I can have them all, I can handle them all. DaVaughn sat in his living room giving himself a major pep talk. Austin is ignoring his calls, Cameron just learned that he wanted to marry Austin, Shyra is… Shyra is young, dumb and gullible, yep she’s the one I’ll reign in first. He picked up the phone and it began to ring in his hand. Dude do you know that she knows? Do you know that they know? My sisters know!!!!! They know everything and I mean E-VER-Y-THING. And you were going to ask HER to marry you!?!? You no good bastard. I can’t believe you’re doing this to our family. How dare you, she cried out for an answer. Shy baby please listen to me, we can work it out. You and I can raise our child together. You can move in with me, have the baby here. My parents will be able to help you uruhmmm I mean us with the baby. You can be my number one Shy baby and we won’t have to hide us anymore , you know? First of all this is Raegan not Shyra and thought you said you wanted me not her. Raegan didnt give him a chance to answer, she just hung up. 

Nori dropped down on the couch and dropped his cell beside him. He reached for the remote and turned the tv on. It’s best that I just lay low and let them all come back to me, he thought to himself. Then a thought came to him, maybe I should actually try being faithful to one woman. He chuckled at what he thought was simply unnatural. He looked around his living room searching for…. Nothing. 

Both boys parent’s helped to furnish their place. They lived in a 3 bedroom loft, completey decked out with all the essentials of a bachelor’s pad. 64 Smart tv, several game consuls and surround sound system filled there blacked out living room area. Blacked out with leather couch, and two gamer recliners, tungsten metal coffee and end tables and black and white photos of all of their favorite movies. Vaughn laughed as he remembered how he and Nori picked out the movie theme to their apartment because I figured it would intrigue females they brought over.

 Damn, I have to call him. We’re family before all of this. He dialed Nori’s number ready to be sent straight to voicemail knowing his cousin is really non-confrontational, but he was wrong. What, the word stabbed through the phone. Damn brah, can we talk? We are better than this, I mean who are we without each other? DaVaughn was actually being sincere. He loved his cousin, Nori was always there  for him, when his parents got divorced, when he found out about he had a sister his age, when he almost slept with his sister because he didn’t know who she was, Vaughn snapped out of it. I need you brah, please you’re all I got! I’m not asking you to forgive me for all the crap I said, I just need my brother and best friend right now. I swear cuzzo I really want to punch you in your mouth, Nori said with a slight grin on his face. Look we need to talk but not at the house, meet me at the Cigar Bar. DaVaughn agreed to the meeting spot.