He Can’t Be Serious (12)

Austin instantly felt like the wind was knocked out of her. What the hell are you doing here? Vaughn stood there chest heaving up and down like a wild animal ready to strike. No what the hell are you doing here Vaughn, you have some freaking nerve to come up in here like you pay bills, Toni stated matteroffactly. And then you’re  questioning our house guess, you better hope I don’t start throwing dishes at your head. You can turn around and exit, you’re not welcome in our home. GET OUT, Austin began to scream as tears streamed down her face. GET OUT, GET OUT GET OUT. Aussie please, Vaugn headed towards her attempted again to explain himself. You’re not answering my calls, my text, my email, they won’t even let me in the club. Then I come in here and you’ve moved on huh? Nah that’s not happening. Caesar barricaded the route to Austin but never even changed his tone. My man, you need to leave, they don’t want you here and that’s that. I’m not trying to beef with you your or ya boy but y’all gotta go, it’s that simple, feel me? Toni and Carrie got up from the breakfast nuck and stood on either side of Caesar. Nah ladies, I don’t need help. Take my angel upstairs she’s been through enough.

Vaughn rushed Caesar in that moment, but Caesar was ready and grabbed Vaughn and slammed him into the wall. Nori attempted to sneak Caesar from behind but the sister mates jumped in his way like security. It won’t be none of that Toni said as Vaughn stepped backwards from Caesar’s release bumping into Toni and Carrie. Austin was sitting on the steps with her head buried in her knees. But, Caesar, he didn’t even break a sweat. The girls closed in on Vaughn. Man today I will swing on females he said, breathing heavily. You have the nerve to be mad at me but you’re the whore. You got a new boyfriend real quick, whore. Must be one of your groupies from the club, whore. Each statement he threw at Austin ended with whore as if the word was a period. Nori let’s roll, but we will be back. Caesar was just about fed up and set his sights on Vaugn. Still calm, yet slightly angered Caesar moved towards the cousins. We can take this outside. You talking about hitting females, but I just pinned you up on the wall, why you ain’t swing then? Caesar cocked his head to the side, with a sinister grin on his sexy lips, let’s go, let’s take it outside. Nori grabbed at his cousin, come on Vaughn you’ve got too much to lose, it’s over let’s go. Nori secretly knew that his pretty boy cousin would fight but wasn’t really the best at it. He don’t want no nasty stripper, she’ll cheat on you too, whore! Say whore one more time in the presences of these ladies my man and it’s going down.

Carrie sat next to Austin on the steps. Are you okay, Carrie questioned as she rubbed her back. GET OUT! GET OUT! Austin could no longer hold back the girl she used to be. GET OUT she yelled and just that fast she was off the stairs and throwing whatever she could get her hands on and Vaughn and Nori. I’m a whore huh, she punched Vaughn square in the nose. Nori grabbed her wrist to keep her from hitting Vaughn. Come on Aussie, Nori attempted to plead with Austin, we’re leaving, let us leave. You’re just as bad get the hell out Toni said attempts to grab her friend. Caesar standing square ready to strike, Nori still holding Austin and just that quick with everyone entangled  Vaughn reached out and slapped Austin.


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