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He Can’t Be Serious (Chapter 14)

The ladies and their knight in shining armor sat at the table eating in silence. IT had just went down and no matter how hard they tried to ignore it a million unanswered questions hung in the air, lingering like fog on a rainy fall evening. However, the only sounds that could be heard in the lady cave was the sipping of drinks, forks clinking on plates and breathes in between swallows. Austin attempted to secretly glance up at Ceasar, but her plan was foiled because when she looked up he was blatantly gazing at her. She ducked her head quickly and he let out a tiny snorting giggle. Okay okay okay, Toni blurted out with inpatients. Yo my main man Caesar, my homeboy, my new found brother ummmmmm, do you love her? Of course, he said smoothly with no hint of hesitation. Nah man, I mean are you in love with her. I mean of course you love her you guys have been friends forever. He slowly sipped his orange juice, dropped his fork in his plate, grabbed his napkin, suavely wiped his mouth and stated matteroffactly, oh I knew exactly what you meant. Austin’s head jerked up and her beautiful eyes were as wide as a dear caught in headlights. Tears gathered at the tips of her eyelids. I’m sorry, what now, Austin inquired. Caesar made a quick motion to get up from the table and all the girls jumped. He was visibly tickled. What’s the problem ladies I’m simply clearing dishes, everyone is done right? All three of the sister mates spoke at once, oh yeah, umm here, their voices bumped together. 

So what’s on the agenda today ladies, I know graduation day is in two days so y’all need to get hair, nail, toes etc done? Oh yeah so we are just gonna abandon the fact that you’re in love with Aussie, momma bear, aka Carrie, stated with an inquisitive tone. OMG let it go, Austin rose from the table. Her reddish brown skin tanning to show the spot where her ex had just assaulted her. She was visibly upset, tears softly flowing down her face, her hands shaking and her lip quivering. She turned and walked towards the stairwell. I’m just going to lay down, she called back as she forced herself to take the stairs one by one.

He loves me, like what in the hell, she thought to herself. Austin flopped down across her bed. Why had he never told me before? I’m so confused. Austin reached for her cell phone and returned to her 90’s RnB playlist. She loved music, it always took her to her peaceful place. She closed her eyes and thought back to when she and Caesar were kids. They lived on the same street only a few houses apart and honestly they despised one another when they first met. She giggled as she reminiscing about  their first encounter. 

Hey girl, yo hey girl. The chocolate young man zoomed past Austin as she opened the front door to her place of residence. She was 13 and her family had moved yet again. Austin’s mom, Regina, never stayed one place for too long, but always in close vicinity of the same neighborhood. She stepped out on the front stoop to see who he was talking to. As if he was reading her mind, I’m talking to you girl. Yeah you standing on the porch. Austin pointed to herself and began to curse him out like a grown woman. She dropped every F bomb, called him every name except a child of God, and threw her bowl of cereal that she was having for dinner at him as he blazed past her on his mountain bike. She looked at his face, he was a cutie pie, his skin was like smoothe milk chocolate, he had a thick afro, perfectly shaped and everything, long athletic legs, making the statement he played some sort of sport, and the most perfect set of full lips she had ever een. After a few more laps he stopped in front of her fence where the rest of the neighborhood kids had begun to gather to meet the new kids. Why y’all sitting around here at her feet like she’s somebody, bye girl as he rode off? 

She was yanked out of her daze by a knock at her door. She sat up on her, come in, she hummed through the door. Her childhood bestie slightly cracked her door just enough  to peek his head through. Can we talk angel face? He still had the perfectly milky skin, full lips but he wasn’t a cutie pie anymore. He was now simply just fine. Yes Ravel, she blushed as she spoke his name, knowing only she called him by his middle name. It slipped from her lips so sweet and gentle that you could see it land on his heart. Listen lady, I didn’t mean to embarrass you, but you know me and if I’m asked I’m answering… truthfully he stressed the word. When I called you that day it was because I decided that in that moment I wasn’t living by my own standards. I was with a woman for 3 years, living a lie. I couldn’t love her as she needed and deserved to be loved, because I’ve loved you since I was 14 years old. I called you to confess and to come and get what’s mine. Her brows rose and her breath hitched. His, what the! Ravel. No, he cut her off, I need to say this, I’m not expecting anything from you. He lowered his head and continued on. But you were going through it and I heard it in your tone. I knew then that I had to tell you face to face. I needed to look into those big beautiful eyes and tell you that I love you. He inched closer to her, I love you Austin and even if you don’t love me it won’t stop me from falling in love with you more and more each second. You are my perfect 10, the song my heart dances to, you are. Austin kissed him, a light sparked in her heart, her body, her soul. Austin, he pulled away from her kiss, what does this mean? His hands were shaking as he caressed the small of her back. Don’t over think this Ravel, she stated breathlessly. She needed to feel him on her, in her, over her. She leaned in seductively, if you love me make love to me. Take me, please, if you love me make love to me she attempted to persuade him. Ceasar quickly wrapped her in his arms,  attempting to shield her from her own pain. He covered her bruised cheek in healing kisses. Not like this.