Celebrity does not mean not human

WE ARE SO DAMN NOSEY!!!!!!! How would you feel if every moment of your life was broadcast for the world to see? How many times would you be in TMZ news if they did a story every time you and your daughters father broke up? Or that the girl you were dating was your brother’s boyfriend’s ex girlfriend? Learn how to mind your own business. 

I mean honestly how in order is your life exactly? Are all of your bills paid? Have you done all that is in your power to make your dream(s) come true? Okay let me start with something a little simpler… have your children had dinner or ate all day for that matter?  Seriously people! Now I understand that these individuals choose to use their talent to entertain the masses but the didn’t sign over their rights to privacy. Let them breathe, let them enjoy life. 

Let’s think about it like this… you work everyday, that is what you choose to do for your money. Then you go home and enjoy your private life. But those two things are separate for the most part. You choose what you do and do not share. So stop freaking stalking these celebrities looking for negativity in their live when you are throwing stones but living in a glass house. In the words of one of the cute little social media sensations “worry bout you self”! Allow these people, these human being to do their job, which is entertain. If they are getting a divorce or cheating or having side babies just remember you don’t know their story. You only know what the blogs, magazines and social media tells you. Even if you see it on their pages it’s only the part they want you to see. You don’t know them and they don’t know you. 


This Natural Hair Thing

So…… For the last few weeks the Natural Community has been up in arms about who’s considered “natural”. Are white women natural or is it just a black thing, is one considered natural if they have never had a relaxer or is it only when one has transitioned and/or done the big chop?

Well depending on who you are some of these things will qualify a well as disqualify me from #TeamNatural, I consider myself natural all the way. I have been rocking my afro/afro puff for over 10 years now, but I never had a relaxer! However, my hair is thick as ever, some parts in tight coils while other some parts are super curly. My question is if it grew out of my head like this in its natural state then isn’t that my natural hair? I rock wash n go’s, twist outs, afros, Bantu knots and more but because I didn’t go through these unspoken rights of passage then I’m not natural? Really 😏

True story before the Natural Hair Movement took off some years ago I decided to go into a shop and get my hair done. I was a walk in and when a stylist was assigned to me she came to the waiting area to escort me to her chair. I was excited wanting to see what she could do to tame this mane of mine. But as I sat I the chair I looked into the face of the stylist and I could tell SHE WAS NOT READY! She said ummmmm do you have a relaxer. Nope, I replied can’t stand the smell. She walked behind me, stood there for a moment and then removed my cape. I can’t… I don’t know what to do to your hair to tame it other than relax it. Wow my mind was blown, but I thanked her for not wasting my time, went home and pulled this stuff up into a ponytail. Really 😏

Fast ward to not even a year ago. I went to a “natural hair salon” to have my hair done for my Bridal Shower. The stylist took me to her chair, gave me a “hair consult” and began my process. Guess what???? Waste of my time. I looked like Raggedy Ann with curl created using brown gel and flexirods. She saw the look on my face and said well your hair is too fine for natural styles, you should cut it all off and start again. Ummmmmm…. Really 😏

I have cut my hair several times in my life and guess what? It grows back this exact same way because it my natural hair texture. So why can’t my texture be just as celebrated as others? Oh because I’m more 3C than 4C? Why must we always find a way to create a division, some sort of drama and be so against one another? I think that this whole hair typing thing is just as disrespectful as saying “she’s cute for a dark skinned girl”, no fool she’s just cute, you understand where I’m coming from?

I am more than my hair, but my hair is a part of me. And furthermore I was born with this pattern so it’s my natural hair. To me, I’m the definition of natural! The reason why women decide to do the big chop is to achieve what I was blessed with naturally. I’m not throwing shade, I’m just telling my story the best way that I know how. When it’s all said and done I love the #TeamNatural community but I don’t need it to validate my tresses.










He Can’t be Serious (Part 5)

Hey lil angel! Austin’s whole body got warm and she couldn’t speak Austin Brianna Carlton do you know who this is! Yeah I know…. How, when, where… Hey Charles Ravel Jenkins where in the hell have you been? Angel of mine, I’ve been staying out of the way, working, dating, you knew doing my thing. Austin was so excited to hear from her first true love and childhood best friend. Ravel… I’m on my way into church but please say it would be okay to call you back when I get out? Of course, call me back anytime.

Austin sat in church, but could not focus on the word being delivered. I wonder how he got my number? I wonder if he’s married or has babies? I can’t wait to talk to him, man this guy. She smiled so hard and was so completely wrapped up in her thoughts that she didn’t realize that church service was over. Girl who was that on the phone, Toni and Carrie inquired. My homeboy from my old hood in Cleveland Ravel… Well he goes by Caesar but I’ve always called him Charles Ravel. Dang girl I’m confused what’s his ACTUAL name, Toni joked. The ladies giggled as they got into Austin’s truck. His names is Charles Ravel Jenkins, but everybody called him Caesar. That’s sounds yummy, Carrie said licking her lips. Austin found herself fighting back some jealousy while going into a description of him. He’s he’s he’s fine with infinite F! He’s like six feet with piercingly beautiful brown eyes, smooth brown skin and he’s just fine. Her sister mates could tell that she must’ve felt something for him. You two must have had one hell of a friendship? Toni you don’t even know. You guys always make fun of me about believing in that one perfect man, he is proof that that man is real. Girl bye! You were kids Aussie how could you know love back then, Carrie the momma bear chimed in. He is the reason that I believe in love and that’s it. Austin sat back in her seat covered in her thoughts until the girls pulled up to their condo.

Seriously! Toni was instantly pissed at the sight of DaVaughn sitting on the hood of his mustang with Nori right by his side. I know I just got out of church but I’m about to cuss his ass out. Carrie calmed Toni down, I’m going to handle this just get her in the house. And just that quick the girls whipped into the parking lot next Vaughn and swooped into action. Toni jumped out of the back seat, opened Austin’s door grabbed her and her belongings and moved her towards the house like security. What can I help you with DaVaughn, Carrie questioned? I need to talk to her Cee, that’s it man just talk. Carrie looked through DaVaughn and Nori and simply said NOPE! She walked a behind Toni who was behind Austin. DaVaughn followed behind Carrie as if he was going to make her let him talk to Austin. You ain’t her damn momma, she’s grown so who are you to stop me from talking to her you better move before I move you. Carrie continued strutting in her heels right up to their door. I freaking dare you to try she said as she motioned to close the front door behind her. Nori ran up to the door to grab DaVaughn as he went to kick the door that was just slammed in his face. These broads trying me! She my woman, mine Nori and I need to explain. Let me go in and talk to them just go dude your temper and foul mouth is not going to help the situation at all. Walk away…

DaVaughn seriously dude! Nori convinced Vaughn to get in his car and go. I will get a way back to the house man just go. Nori walked to the door gathering his composer as he knocked on the door. The door flung open revealing Toni and Carrie dressed in sweats, t-shirts and boots. Whoa calm down I come in peace Nori tried to joke. The girls softened a little, especially Carrie who has had a crush on him. What can we do for you, Toni was still ready to attack at any given moment. I would like to talk to you guys please I made him leave and I just want to help.