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Celebrity does not mean not human

WE ARE SO DAMN NOSEY!!!!!!! How would you feel if every moment of your life was broadcast for the world to see? How many times would you be in TMZ news if they did a story every time you and your daughters father broke up? Or that the girl you were dating was your brother’s boyfriend’s ex girlfriend? Learn how to mind your own business. 

I mean honestly how in order is your life exactly? Are all of your bills paid? Have you done all that is in your power to make your dream(s) come true? Okay let me start with something a little simpler… have your children had dinner or ate all day for that matter?  Seriously people! Now I understand that these individuals choose to use their talent to entertain the masses but the didn’t sign over their rights to privacy. Let them breathe, let them enjoy life. 

Let’s think about it like this… you work everyday, that is what you choose to do for your money. Then you go home and enjoy your private life. But those two things are separate for the most part. You choose what you do and do not share. So stop freaking stalking these celebrities looking for negativity in their live when you are throwing stones but living in a glass house. In the words of one of the cute little social media sensations “worry bout you self”! Allow these people, these human being to do their job, which is entertain. If they are getting a divorce or cheating or having side babies just remember you don’t know their story. You only know what the blogs, magazines and social media tells you. Even if you see it on their pages it’s only the part they want you to see. You don’t know them and they don’t know you.